Kaci Nash


Kaci Nash holds a Master's Degree from the History Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her research interests include Nineteenth-Century America, the American Civil War, Family and Social History, New Military History, and Digital History. More specifically, she is interested in personal journeys, especially individualizing the experience of war, tracing family histories, and the process of Midwestern settlement during the nineteenth century.

Her current research looks at the physical and psychological trauma inflicted upon soldiers during the Civil War and the impact of these experiences on post-war remembrance. She hopes to turn this into a comparative study of veterans of the Civil War and World War II. She is also working on updating and expanding her digital history project looking at an Illinois soldier's experience in the Civil War.

In February 2013, her Master's thesis was awarded the Lowe R. & Mavis M. Folsom Distinguished Master's Thesis Award from the Office of Graduate Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It explores Northern attitudes of imperial power in the Civil War South and the ways in which the Northerners who entered the region during the war exerted control over the Southern people and environment.

She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas where her senior thesis focused on shifting female gender roles during Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War. She has served as a graduate research assistant and intern for several digital history projects at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, presented conference papers for both academic and public audiences, and conducted extensive archival research for herself and for collaborative projects.

At present, she is employed as a Research Associate in the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at UNL, serving as Project Manager and Researcher for forthcoming history projects under the direction of professors William G. Thomas III and Jeannette Eileen Jones.