September 1862

During this month while we have been building Fort No 1 Spring field Missouri, quite a No of Regiments have arrived from the north & now the Army of the Frontier [is?] formed Brigadier Gen. Schofield Com'd'g. the 1st Div'n is already formed & in Kansas Brig. Gen. Blunt Com'd'g. the 2d is composed out of the following Reg'ts to wit- 1st Brigade 18th Iowa & 26th Ind Inf'y E, 1st Mo light Artilery & the 7th Mo. Cav. Col. Wheatly com'd'g. Brigade. 2d Brigade 20th Iowa & 37th (ours) Ill. Inf'y Batery F, 1st Mo. Light artilery & the 1st Iowa Cav. Col. Wm Mc E. Dye com'd'g. Brigade. Brig. Gen. Jas. Totten com'd'g Div'n. 3d Div'n 19th Iowa 20th Wis'n & 94th Ill. Inf'y Batery L 1st Mo. Light artilery & one section Batery C 2nd Ill. Light Artilary & the 6th (one Battallion) & 8th Mo Cav. Brig. Gen. Herron com'd'g. Div'n.

29th  March southwest 12 miles & camp at Pond Springs (Camp McClellan) 2 miles south of Littleyork.

30th   this is a pleasant day the 3rd Div'n is left at Springfield. drill under Lt Col. Black, comdg Reg't in absence of Col. Barnes orders to march tomorrow the 1st of Oct.