The Life of Alcander Othello Morse

Born in New York before migrating to Illinois with his family, Alcander Morse's paternal and maternal roots date back to early colonial America. During the Civil War, he served in two units that would take him to one high point for the Union—the surrender of Vicksburg— and one low—the assassination of President Lincoln and witnessing the execution of the conspirators involved. Following the war, he married, raised a family, and struggled to find farming success in Illinois, South Dakota, and Iowa. He died at 54, never able to fully regain his health following recurring bouts of malaria he picked up in the South during the war.


A brief account of Alcander's life, before and after the war. In the future, this section will contain a more detailed biography, complete with photographs and document scans and a family tree.

37th IL

Information about Alcander's first regiment, the 37th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, their service in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, and what it was like to be a soldier in the western theater of the war.

1st US

Information about Alcander's second regiment, the 1st U.S. Veteran Volunteer Infantry, which saw varied service during a short period of time, including garrison, burial, and provost duty, and witnessing the execution of the Lincoln assassination conspirators.