Jany 1st   wind is still blowing very hard see Lt Merrill of our Reg. he being here on detail

2d   the St Mary is off the Bar waiting to come in with the tide

3d   run down to the St Mary & Embark Gen. Herron came on her to take command of our division it is a long time since I have seen him before he looks quite well again

4th   cloudy but quite calm this morning now we have to wait for Gen. Dana to come from Brownville before we can go he now goes to MataGorda Bay to take command of out 13th Corps

5th   again it is windy & disagreeable weather no Gen yet

6th   quite calm today

7th   quite a pleasant day

8th   the Gen is coming aboard & we Expect to start this Eve

9th   the Generals Baggage did not come aboard therefore we did not go yesterday

10th   now the Horses are being loaded & we Expect to go

11th   got stuck on the Bar last Eve & did not get loose in time to run out now we cross the Bar at 9.A.M.

12th   arrive at Matagorda Bay at 9.A.M. we are going on board the Clinton as that runs out today & this does not Eve by some mistake four of us are left be hind & shall have to wait for this boat skirmishing 7 miles from here

13th   run out at 4.P.M. it is very calm this Eve for this season of the year

14th   stand on our course finely today one of the boys seasick



Jan. 15th   weather beautiful Expect to run into the - Mississippi at Sunset tonight

16th   arrive at 10.A.M. go to the Convalescant camp boys all doing well at the St Charles House

17th   no signs of going up the river yet

18th   times are lively here report is that the river is froze above Vicksburg

19th   weather fair

20th   Embark on board U.S. Transport J. S. Pringle & start up the river at 11.A.M.

21st   pass Baton Rouge at 4.P.M. arrive at Port Hudson at 10.P.M. where we lay 2 hours see Capt Sands & Lt Tripp have a fine time & proceed up the river at 12 midnight

22d   this is a beautiful day run to Natchez lay over to take on a Gen who is going to Vicksburg

23d   fine morning see my cousin Albert Drake this has been a beautiful city garrisoned mostly by colored troops all but the 28th & 29th Illinois & 4th Ill. Cav.

24th   Arrive at Vicksburg at 2.P.M. go & see my friends in the 95th Illinois the old Reg'ts here are nearly all reenlisting how I wish ours would go in for another term but I scarcely think they will under our present Col. (Black) Payne rec'd his commission as Lt Col. in N.O. if it had been as Col. the boys would all Enlist or nearly all I think.



Jan. 25th   Come back from the 95th change boats to the "Wm Ewing" & again we are on our way. it is a long long time since we left the Reg. at Brownville Texas & still we are far from Home

26th   we are making very slow headway all we have is green cotton wood to burn & it makes a poor fire

27th   weather fair

28th   weather beautiful considerable Excitement on board this P.M. occasioned by the report (brought by a down river steamer) that the U.S. Transport Lady has just been captured at the mouth of the Arkansas river we prepare to defend ourselves as best we can by laying cotton bales around for Breastworks & to protect the boiler

29th   meet a fleet going down the river to join the Expedition East of Vicksburg consisting of the 16th & 17th Army Corps pass Hellena at dusk

30th   have run all night weather fair Expect to reach Memphis today shall lay over night there

31st   draw clothing & go to the Soldiers Lodge to stay over night it is a small but comfortable place very good beds &.c. one month ago today we left Brownville Texas we Expect to start tomorrow Eve on the Bell Memphis it is a fast boat & will go through in one day therefore we will save time by waiting for her



Feb. 1st   Embark on board the "Bell Memphis" & proceed up river at 5. P.M. run all night

2d   arrive in the night

3d   land & take the 12. M. train run to Centralia lay over night

4th   take the 3.A.M. train run to Decater & now we are to lay over until 5.P.M. when we Expect to take the train for Springfield there seems to be no connection at all with the trains on these roads (Irving House)

5th   take the Evening train for Springfield put up at the Cheney House

6th   see Gen White our first Col. he is very kind to us

7th   take the noon train for Chicago where we arrive at 9.P.M. take supper at the Hatch House & then take the 1130 P.M. train for Belvidere arrive at three put up at the American

8th   leave Belvidere at 9.A.M. arrive at Home at 10.A.M.

9th   very cold but pleasant after all visit Charlse Cummings, L. L. Tongue, Cranes, Draper, &.c.

10th   quite pleasant winter weather, report for duty (recruiting service) to Cap't Loop at Belvidere he is very kind sends me Home to recruit my Health (which was never better)

11th   go to the funeral of Samuel Handy, O, where are the friends of my BoyHood, gone- all gone some to the defense of our Country & some to the last resting place of the Human family the Ladies only are left visit Cranes Tongues & in the Evening



Feb. 11th   at Warren Morses with my Mother Stepfather Levi & Adaline Alferd & Emma, Warren & Mary, Miron Avery & Lady Ruth, Henrietta, Mrs. Tongue, Legran &.c.

12th   quite pleasant revival at the F. M. Church Eighty rods East of here not much success as yet visit at Mrs. Tripp & Jas. T. Sheldons have a pleasant time

13th   beautiful winter weather visit at Asa Yates'es a very pleasant visit come Home at 2.P.M. Mr. & Wife ___ Haskins here very genteel appearing Lady & a very fine appearing boy

14th   go to Warrens & Miron Avery's. pleasant day go to Church in the Evening

15th   pleasant weather go to Church at the little Church & at the Red School House see plenty of my former acquaintances at both places

16th   go to Marengo to visit M. L. Drake he is gone but I have a pleasant visit with Aunt Aunt Lydia & Cousin Hannah & return as far as G. Marvins when it commences to blow & I thinking it will be better tomorrow put up for the night

17th   very _ very cold start for Home come as far as Cranes stay until P.M. & then proceed Home nearly freeze do freeze one Ear & one finger

18th   froze in for today

19th   pretty cool but I go to Mr. Haskins & to see Charlse Anderson of our Co. who is very sick at present



Feb. 20th   go to Belvidere quite pleasant again the Church continues in spite of cold weather_ go to Bonusville to the Union League stay over night with G. A. Kellogg

21st   go & see Charley & to the funeral of Deacon Smiths youngest daughter

22d   very warm snow is all melting off & I guess we are to have no more sleigh rides this winter have a pleasant visit at Mr. Hoppins another of Deacon Smith's children is dangerous

23d   quite pleasant snow fast melting away go to Southprairie stay over night at Mr. Stodards very fine people

24th   go to Belvidere see Cap't Loop he is a splendid Officer roads very bad

25th   visit at Aunt Lydia Tripp's & sit up with the Corpse of Deacon Smith's only Boy

26th   Funeral very pleasant day

27th   go to see C. A. Anderson and L. N. Tongue &.c.

28th   Church East of here go to Warrens A. Yates

29th   this is a very pleasant morning I have spent 22 Happy days on Old Bonus & now for Dixey away, & for the End of the rebellion our successful Armies under Grant Sherman Hurlbut McPherson are marching forward & under such Generals we can look for nothing less than a successful Campaign the coming summer



March 1st   beautiful weather go to Belvidere report to Capt. Loop he sends me Home again until friday go to Rockford come back as far as Alfred Millers and stay over night

2d   Come Home & go to Charlse Gardners and Mr. Browns have a pleasant visit go to spelling school at the Bonusville SchoolHouse in the Eve come back & stay over night with Edgar Haskins a very fine appearing family & very sociable (My Cousins.)

3d   come Home at Eleven after a very pleasant visit go to Jacksons to see the sick people in the P.M. Lucy is very sick James Stow is gaining slowly.

4th   go to Belvidere but get sent back good news:: our Reg. (37th) has re-enlisted & is on its way Home see one of our Co. that has just returned from New Orleans on sick furlough

5th   go to Harvard on Business visit at Benjamin Whitmarshes, see Axtel & Wife & Oren Carpenter come back as far as his House (one mile) find Fred J. Abbey (formerly 1st Lieut of our Co (I) there & stay overnight have a pleasant time

6th   come Home at noon go to Church in the afternoon at the Red SchoolHouse sermon (good) by Elder Gray very beautiful weather go to Church East of Here in the Evening



March 7th   weather fair go to Warrens & Joshua Marvins have a good visit

9th   rainy day, stay at Home, no tidings from the Reg't go to Isreal Brushe's & Warren's

10th   rainy

11th   go to Warrens & Levi Tongues snow this morning roads very bad no tidings from the Reg. last day of School in this District, go to Mr. Haskins stay over night with Edgar

12th   stay at Mr. Haskins's. a splendid visit go to Bonusville for the Mail with Edgar

13th   come Home go to Church at the Red school House & the little church start to go to Bonusville to Church get as far as Mr. Haskins give it up & stay over night

14th   Come Home go to J. D. Stow's to a sale it is so cold I have to come Home a very disagreeable day Ruth is sick,

15th   start for town very cold get as far as Mrs. Tripp's stay all day & night have a gay time

16th   go to town see Cap. Loop come Home again

17th   Cap. Loop starts for Springfield Illinois I go to Andersons Cranes Chases &.c. &.C. weather fair but windy

18th   weather quite fair but cool go to Warrens come Home & stay all day



March 19th   very cold & windy stay at Home today have visitors

20th   a very disagreeable morning our visitor leaves comes off quite warm go to church at the white Church in the Eve

21th   quite pleasant. go to Deacon Smith's Sale in the A.M. & to Garden Prairie at Evening

22d   go to Warrens Avery's & Porters very cool wind our Reg. arrives at Chicago & receive such a reception as no other Reg. has received that has come back our Flag. is returned to the Board of trade with the Expectation of receiving new ones when we return to the field Speeches by Gen. White (our first Col.) Col. Fuller (State A. G.) Col. Sherman (88th Ill) Col. Black (of our Reg.) Lt Col. Payne (do.) Lt Col. Mann (39th Ill)

23d   weather fair go to Belvidere with Edgar Haskins come Home & go to Church a gay time

24th   go to Marengo call at Hannah Brown's (my cousin) see Aunt Lydia Drake have ^a good visit take the 12=45 train for Chicago our Boys are gay just receiving their furloughs & getting ready to start for Home Enlist or re=enlist for the term of three years unless sooner discharged

25th   stay in Chicago boys nearly all gone but I am waiting to be mustered 15th Ill. arrives on their way Home

26th   cannot be mustered therefor I take the 9. A.M. train for Belvidere quite pleasant weather roads good people commence sowing

27th   very windy go to Church at the Red School House in the Afternoon & at the White Church in the Evening



March 28th   rainy morning Ruth has gone to Mr. Bailey's visiting this week

29th   very disagreeable weather rainy & muddy rainy go to Canens also to Sheldon's & Tripps stay over night at the latter place

30th   come Home cloudy weather go to church at the W.C.

31st   go to Belvidere report to Capt. Loop come Home again & another month has passed & still the this Cruel War is raging with unabated fury no decisive battles have been fought but Sherman Hurlbut & Mc Pherson have made an important raid into Ala. & Grant is placed in command of the United States Army & with the Zeal which he has always manifested is with him yet he is reorganizing the whole Army & the "Army of the Potomac" in person which he is to command in the Spring Campaign & now we may Expect Success to crown our efforts but is is to be a long long time before we can be permitted to return to our Homes in peace one & one half or two years & perhaps three years for all our people are Expecting such an Easy conquest we have bloody work yet before us but let it come anything rather than an unhonorable Peace rather the last Loyal man should perish than find shelter in dishonor but we will have no such thing as God is just so he will [illegible] for the right & though our triumph be delayed it will be yet the more Glorious when it does come



April 1st   go to Newels Andersons & Warrens quite pleasant day

2d   come Home from Warrens & stay at Home

3d   go to Church East of Here in the Evening, rainy, night

4th   rainy day, stay at Home.

5th   go to Town meeting rainy day

6th   rainy weather

7th   rainy morning fair afternoon go to L. N. Tongues, & Cranes fine visit

8th   rain

9th   go to Belvidere cloudy

10th   go to Church at the Red School House & East of Here at the White Church

11th   Go to town & South prairie to Arven[?] Oakes[?] receive ($23) twenty three dollars for Lt Kennicott

12th   Cloudy go to Harper H. Stows to see Lt Geo. H. Merrill return at noon & write

13th   go to Warrens cloudy day

14th   go to Harvard to see Lt Kennicott he has gone to the city, return & have Arthur take another Horse & go to Belvidere with me to bring back the Horses send him back & then find out that I cannot go find Henry & Mrs. Tripp ride up with them & stay over night at Mrs. Tripps

15th   go to Newells Drapers Andersons Mrs. Henry Cranes go back to Newells & stay with Ben, decidedly a gay time

16th   go to town come Home & go to Drapers Newells &.c.

17th   go north 14 miles to hear the funeral sermon of one of our co. preached it is not preached beautiful morning but rainy afternoon



April 18th   go to Belvidere take the 7.A.M train for Chicago with Capt. Loop. report as my Order says at Camp. Fry. none there to report to & I return to Belvidere on the 4.P.M. train stay over night with L. N. Tongue who has now moved to this place

19th   go to a quilting at C. D. Jacksons (to take the Ladies at noon & visit at A. Yateses in the Afternoon have a good visit as any one always does who goes there, in the Eve take the Ladies to Mrs. Andersons have a good visit & return Home

20th   visit at Jas. F.[?] Sheldon's in the forenoon & at Mr. __ Jewett Sheldons in the Afternoon very good visit_ go to church in the Evening at the White Church_ Splendid time

21st   go to Haskin's Warrens Cranes &.c.     X

22d   leave Bonus to rejoin my Reg. at Chicago, get as far as H. H. Stows find Lt Merrill's he goes to Belvidere & he persuades me to stay with him until tomorrow when he is going in go with him to the Baltic Mills & make a call at Dr. Jones'es fine people George's Mother is a mother to all a Noble woman

23d   bad day, some of the Bonus people down A Yates & others take the 12=10. P.M. train for Chicago arrive at 4.P.M. report to Col. Black & he grants us leave of absence until Monday (25th) & we (Lt Merrill & myself) return to Belvidere on the 11=30 train

24th   it is raining this morning but we obtain a Livery & go to Bonus but before we get there I am shaking with ague for the first time since  


24th   last summer have a very hard day of it O, for this one day of good Health before leaving Bonus but why should I complain have not these past twelve weeks been Happy ones to me in this short period have passed the happiest moments of my life within this time I have been sadder & happier than I thought it possible for mortal man to be, but in the meantime where has the 37th been = when the Orders for re=enlisting came with one accord nearly the whole Reg. signed the Rolls & started for Home marching 22 miles to Point Isabelle they Embarked crossed the Gulf & after laying over in New Orleans 4 weeks came up the river to St Louis & by rail to Chicago where a warm reception awaited them, the warmest of any Reg. that has yet came back from the field our Reg. is 2.57 strong our Flag has a few stars left otherwise it is nearly all gone give it back to the board of trade who gave it to us with another both very beautiful when we return we Expect to receive two more from the Board of trade Prouder still am I to belong to the 37th Ill. Vol. Inf'ty than Ever before & our boys during these past 30 days at home have ^cast the lie in the teeth of the sneaking copperheads who say a man cannot serve his country with^out becoming demoralized., & now we are ready to take the field again for another three years unless sooner discharged which will be when the Rebels are whipped (the boat trembles)



April 25th   rainy day start at 9. A.M. for Belvidere very weak this morning but feel quite well bid adieu to Old Bonus for a long long time, leave Belvidere on the 12=10. P.M. train run into Chicago stay at the Matteson House.

26th   a pleasant day Express our things Home & prepare to march. leave Camp Fry at two P.M. march to the "Soldiers Rest" receive two beautiful flags the Banner with the 37th Ill. Infty. Vols. on one side on the other is Pearidge Prairie Grove Chalk Bluff & Vicksburg inscribed in beautiful gilt letters the Battle Flag Dark Blue with a large spread Eagle &.c &.c. a nice little speech is made by a member of the Board of trade which is responded to by our Col. (Black) both are nessacarily brief as we are to leave at 5. P.M. break ranks wash for supper & reform for the occasion without Arms & march in where a bountiful repast is awaiting us prepared by the Noble Ladies of Chicago long may they live & much happiness be theirs is the Earnest desire of a Soldiers heart those who have of their plenty have supplied the wants of the Soldiers on their way to & from the field will be long & fondly remembered by the soldier in his wanderings & surely they will be rewarded in a fairer clime than this where war is not known where all will be Peace joy & Happiness O, will not that be Glorious, start at five P.M. run all night,



April 27th   rainy day arrive at Cairo Fruit trees in full bloom

28th   1 O.C. A.M. such another mud Hole was never found I guess see James Timony, 15th Ill. Vols. also Serg't Anderson 95th Ill. Vols. nearly the whole 17th Army Corps is here & preparing to move in some direction they think to the Army of the Cumberland but they can tell nothing about it one thing is sure they would be stuck in the mud only for the boats & R.R. Embark at 6.P.M. on board U.S. transport Belle St Louis start down the river at 9.P.M. lay too at Columbus at 11.P.M. for Amunition & again we are on our way for the Sunny South, land of Chivalry

29th   rainy, arrive at Memphis at 4. P.M. lay over night Expect to change Boats here the 9th Cavalry (on the boat with us) Expect to stay here as here is where they turned over their accoutrements when they started Home

30th   rainy march off the boat at ten Oclock A.M. & half the Reg. is detailed for Piqiuet, the whole Cavalry & Artilery force have gone in pursuit of Forest & we are left to guard the town go out about two miles on Piqiuet Corn potatoes beans &.c. are up & looking finely Every thing looks lovely flowers in full bloom meadows looking green & beautiful, but what are our prospects at present dull indeed reverses await us on Every hand & still we may hope for the best our Armies are being reorganized & preparations are rapidly progressing for an active Campaign which will soon commence



May 1st   this is a beautiful morning & well worthy to be called the first of the smiling month of May nothing reliable as yet from the Cavalry Expedition that started yesterday morning Orders to march in the morning at five Oclock.

2d   march at 5. A.M. to the Memphis & Charlseton R.R. Depot Embark run 35 miles to Lafayette disembark march five miles South East & bivouac on Wolf River for the night weather beautiful roads dusty

3d   march at 4. A.M. 20 miles passing through Moscow and Summerville & camping one mile from the latter place on a splendid stream have passed over some beautiful country today Van Guard fired at near S[ummerville],

4th   weather beautiful march at 4. A.M. to Boliver 18 miles & camp in the town for the night roads very dusty

5th   march at 8. A.M. cross the Hatchie & march 18 miles into Miss. camp near Corinth Miss.

6th   weather fair march 15 miles & camp near Ripley Miss.

7th   march 19 miles through Salem Miss. to Greenwood on the line where we camp for the night a magnificent place

8th   lay over to rest [illegible] today our Chaplain preaches

9th   march at 4. A.M. 26 miles to Lafayette where we are to take the Cars to Memphis weather fair roads very dusty,

10th   take the cars & come into Memphis lay in the Depot over night rainy day all this marching after Forest to no purpose only he has gone from among us but he went as he came almost without opposition for we were so far behind that we could not do him any great[?] harm[?]



May 11th   Embark at 10. A.M. on board U.S. Transport Mariner & proceed down the river at 1. P.M. weather fine we have left a pretty City with beautiful surroundings fine buildings (mostly Brick) & such splendid Gardens Pea's large Enough to Eat & the most magnificent flower gardens I ever saw but now we are bound for the Sunny South where Every thing in the vegetable line has come to maturity long ago

12th   have passed Helena during the night & now 11. A.M. we are passing Napoleon (mouth of the Ark River) lay up on a beautiful Island an hour while the boat is cleaned & rations cooked for one day. come on board & proceed down the river weather beautiful.

13th   have run all night arrive at Vicksburg at 9. A.M. change boats to the Gray Eagle Expect to start for New Orleans at 5. P.M. 26th Ind. arrive from the north at 11. A.M. start at 5. P.M. down the river

14th   have run all night arrive at Natchez at 6. A.M. inspection of Arms at 5. P.M. good news from U.S. Grant Lee retreating Bank[s] on Red River is having pretty hard times, most likely we shall go to his releif tomorrow. go to the camp of the 58th U.S. Colored Infry. & see Albert Drake Orderly Serg't Co. A. it is beautiful weather here at present, the best part of this town was burned last night Sherman in Ala. is doing well Butler too has done his share cutting the Rebel communication between Richmond & Charleston still there is room for Bright anticipations.



May 15th   In Bivouac at Natchez Miss. move off the boat last Eve This is a beautiful morning in the prettiest City I have yet seen in Dixey, such pretty Flower Gardens Walks, Parks & so many Lovely Ladies still they are Southern Ladies Embark on Board Hazel Dell for Red River.

16th   arrive at the mouth of Red River during the night disembark this morning_ 3. P.M. Embark right wing on Board U.S. Transport "Idahoe" left wing on Board U. S. Transport "Marmora" & start up Red River at 6=15. P.M. it is a beautiful day & it is magnificent scenery around us as we pass up the River which is a deep narrow stream, we are still in the old Channel of the Miss. River lay over in sight of the mouth of Red River

17th   beautiful day proceed at 2.P.M. pass the Mouth of Red River, & run into Atchafayla Bayou & run four miles to Simmsport where we land on the left bank Banks with his Army is coming in on the other side, the 19th Corps is already in while our 13th 16th & 17th Corps of western Boys are covering the retreat three miles back it hard to see these men that have Endured so much and to no purpose,

18th   A. J. Smith has had a severe Engagement today & has drove the Rebels three miles our Reg. has not been to the front yet & will not be apt to now that the Rebels have retreated & we are on the opposite side of the Bayou



May 19th   all is quiet to-day the Rebels have left for good I guess a bridge has been formed of Transports & the Army is crossing to this side the 16th & 17th Corps still lay at the front three miles

20th   weather fair but very warm still crossing will take one or two days opt to cross the Army over to this side from here it is thought they will go to the Miss. for Transportation our Brigade under Col. Sheldon 42nd Ohio march at 4. P.M. taking the road down the Bayou toward the Miss. River

21st   marched or rather laid along the road all night & still we keep on, now on the Miss. River going toward Morganza (down) camp 18 miles below ^Simmsport for the night saw the 95th Ill last night

22d   march on down the river & camp 3 miles above Morganza, the 16th & 17th Corps are Embarking to go up the River we are forming Camp (our (13th) Corps & the 19th) 10 miles

23d   we are now for the time being the 1st Reg of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Div'n. of the 13th Army Corps Gen. Banks has gone to N.O. where it is thought we shall follow him as soon as transportation can be furnished we are yet without tents or cooking Utensils. as we left ours at Brownville Texas when the Reg. left there as Veterans in Feb. & now we have no teams to draw them if we should march therefore it is useless to get at any at present



May 24th   weather fair but very warm go on Piquiet at 7. P.M.

25th   fine day our Cavalry Div'n. & Train start for N.O. today overland

26th   weather fair still no mail & not much sign of leaving this place

27th   go to the 92d U.S. Regular Camp see Sands & Tripp

28th   fair still no mail very warm & dusty in the roads

29th   move camp one mile & now we have a beautiful camp pretty weather but very warm we now form a line of nearly five miles long in the shape of a new moon our (1st Divn 13th Corps) Div'n. is on the right of the line

30th   March at 4. A.M. down the river two miles then back on the old Atchafalaya Road 8 miles turn to the left march two miles & lay over six hours then march 13 miles to Crow Creek Bayou where we bivouac for the night our advance has had quite a skirmish to-day a few were killed & wounded on both sides but our Cavalry Arm in this department is rather poor

31st   turn back march 13 miles & lay over night in the same place where we lay over yesterday noon it is a beautiful day this last day of May & can it be another month as passed & what are our prospects now in this department Banks has been defeated in almost Every move, but Grant & Sherman are both successful as they always are the one is pressing forward on Richmond the other has Dalton & the Rebels flying before him



June 1st   beautiful day march two miles toward Morganza turn to the left (Atchafalaya road) march one mile lay over two hours march back one mile to the Morganza Road & bivouac for the night we are now the 1st Reg. of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the 13th Army Corps U.S.A. Brig. Gen. Lawler of Ill. commands the division Col Sheldon of the 42d Ohio Infty commands the Brigade

2d   rainy day march 10 miles into camp Every thing moved over the Levee

3d   rainy, mail comes at noon. (5) Orders for Inspection at four. P.M. but rain prevents it & so we wait until a fair day.

4th   fair weather Inspection at 4 P.M. no news of importance from the North or South,

5th   go to the camp of the 92nd U.S. Inf'ty. Colored to See Cap't Sands & Lieut. Tripp weather fair most of the time occasionally a shower just Enough to lay the duct & cool the air.

6th   weather fair Col. Black is going to New Orleans to-day the River is Blockaded at Island No. 82 by the Rebs. but I guess it will soon be open again

7th   very comfortable to-day

8th   pleasant but very warm a Division of the 19th Corps & the Cavalry start out on a scout go up the River all is quiet in front this morning, if we only had Competent Commanders we could soon drive these Guerrilla's off our track but now we must lay here & be dogged almost into camp if we venture out on a scout it is Great business this.



June 9th   beautiful weather in the morning but rainy in the afternoon mail comes this morning (3) the Blockade must be raised for boats come down to-day with late Memphis papers aboard

10th   rainy forenoon quite cool to-day mail comes at 11. A.M. (N) the colored troops are building a fort two miles below here near the Levee

11th   fair review at 4. P.M. by Brig. Gen. Lawler com'd'g. 13th Corps in the field

12th   rainy afternoon quite cool to-day

13th   very fine morning large mail comes (7) at 9. A.M. on Camp Guard today no news from either North or South of importance

14th   Reg. marches out at 5 1/2 A.M. weather fair but rather warm am not relieved from Guard yet & do not expect to be until the Reg. returns tonight Reg. comes in at 1. P.M. brought in Cotton_ 14 miles,

15th   very warm to-day move camp 1/a mile up the River & take position behind the Levee on the right of the line the 3d Divn having gone down the River to Baton Rouge or Carrollton L.A. our lines are becoming contracted until they are scarce three miles long. the Army (all Except this Brigade Excused to go out with the train) was reviewed by Major Gen Daniel E. Sickles. Company & Battallion drill & inspection at retreat



June 16th   weather fair drill 1/a hour in the morning Co. Drill but no Battallion Drill Inspection at Evening

17th   Visit Gard & Og. two miles below here at the Morganza Sugar House, warm

18th   very warm to-day nothing of importance occurs Drill twice per day mail 7. P.M. (4)

19th   on Piquiet Guard very warm weather but fair this morning Grovers Div'n. 19th Corps go up the River

20th   weather fair but very warm no drill to day our Brigade is now composed of the 22d & 23d Iowa 7th K.y. 42d Ohio 37th Ill. & 30th Mass. Infty & Batery No 2. Ohio Light Artilery Col. L.A. Sheldon (42d Ohio) Com'd'g. Brigade

21st   Cap't Sands & L't Tripp go to Port Hudson today their Brigade (Colored) is to Garrison that Post weather fair & quite cool for Dixey. our Corps has all left here but this Brigade & one more ,

22d   weather fair news good from A. J. Smith in Miss. & Tenn. Grovers Division (19th A. C.) came back yesterday or day before yesterday

23d   mail at 10.A.M. (2) there is nothing of importance going on to-day Except Inspection at 9> A.M. & Review at 4. P.M. there is no signs of our two Brigades under Lawler leaving here very soon other troops are laving Every few days a Brigade at a time weather fine a light shower just to lay the dust



June 24th   weather beautiful Battallion drill at 7 1/2 Oclock A.M. by John Charles Black, Col. 37th Ill. Com'd'g. Light Shower in the Afternoon,

25th   Review at six A.M. by Major Gen. Reynolds Commander of the defenses of New Orleans L.a. Prayer by Chaplain Bishop of this Reg in company quarters

26th   beautiful day Sunday

27th   weather fair, go out side the Piquiets after wood return at ten O.C. A.M.

28th   beautiful weather but very warm good news from Genls Sherman & Grant rather bad from Sturgis, he has made another of his grand moves & has been defeated & obliged to retreat to Memphis Tenn.

29th   weather fair 30th Mass. leaves our Brigade & marches down the river to join another Division Evidently they donot like the western style, the 35th Wis'n attached to this Brigade the 13th Corps has been dissolved by special Order & we now belong to the 1st Brigade of the 3d Division of the 19th A.C. Brig Gen. Lee commands the Brigade Brig. Gen. Lawler the Division our whole Division is transfered to the 19th Army Corps

30th   beautiful weather, mail comes at 9. O.C.A.M. (3) Muster for pay by Col. Charlse Black, another month has passed & what is the situation now although Sturgis has sustained a great defeat in Miss. & Gen. Banks in Louisiana has been driven back we have much to rejoice over U. S. Grant (a man that knows not defeat) is thundering away at the doors of Richmond while Old Ben. Butler is trying Petersburg W. T. Sherman is following Joe, Johnston into Atlanta & where will the Rebels carry the War next surely when those places are taken the Southern Chivalry must give up for there will be nothing left to continue the War for or if they donot give up we can soon sweep their whole teritory



July 1st   Weather fair on Piquiet Guard musquetoes very troublesome very [illegible] a Lieut from the 35th Wisn

2d   weather beautiful but very warm, our Co. (I) is detailed to drill for a prize on the 6th visit & are releived from all other duty until that time Major Ransom Kennicott (our first Captain) to be drill master at the request of the company

3d   move down the river two miles to a more suitable Camp part of the corps left last night on Transports

4th   weather fair National salute of 36 guns fired at sunrise noon & sunset

5th   weather fair

6th   very warm but fair

7th   light showers in the afternoon & Evening

8th   moderate, Major Gen. Reynolds assumes the Command of this (19th) Corps in the field

9th   weather fair orders to march at a moments warning

10th   lay here ready to Embark as soon as Transports can be gathered to carry the Brigade (1) mail comes at 9. A.M.

11th   & still we are waiting to Embark mail comes at 8. A.M. \ /[?] weather fair only our Brigade is to move at present, there is not much prospect of our leaving this place to_day

12th   weather beautiful but A.[?] so warm 2.P.M. still we are waiting for transportation but I scarcely think we shall leave to-day for there is only three or four Transports here yet & we want (5) five to carry the Brigade, donot go today



July 13th   Reveille at 3. A.M. Embark at 8. A.M. on board U.S. Transport "Kate Dale", our Brigade of five Regts Infty & one Batery under Brig. Gen'l Lee on 3 transports & one Ferry Boat which runs very slow proceed up the River make slow head way, weather very warm,

14th   Arrive at Natchez at 7. A.M. & three Companies (H. I. & K.) of our Reg change boats to the "Polar Star" & again at 12.M. we proceed up the River run all night,

15th   still on the way but going very slowly on account of the Ferry Boat,

16th   Arrive at Vicksburg Miss. at 6. A.M. & land to clean boat & take on coal, provisions & forage for a voyage lay all day very warm news of the destruction of the Alabama reaches us,

17th   re-embark on board the "Kate Dale" & proceed up the River at Sun rise run all day & all night

18th   arrive the mouth of White River at 10. A.M. land & now there is no knowing what we will do, or where we will go next, but most likely up White River to meet Gen'l Steele

19th   the Transport to carry us up White River will soon be here we Expect & then we are off for Biz. again & this time in our old Haunts, (Ark)

20th   weather beautiful, the Transports are here & we Expect to go tomorrow morning,



July 21st   Embark on board U.S. Transport "Omaha" at 7. A.M. 7 transports & 4 more musquetoes (Gun Boats) (28_ 30_ 37_ & 38_) transports_ "White Cloud" (Flag Ship) Gen. Lee & Staff and 23d Iowa Infty. "Venus" 42d Ohio Infty "America" (Ferry) 7th Mass. Batery (which is now attached to our Brigade in the place of the 2d Ohio Batery which we left at Morganza, L.A.) "Omaha" 37th Ill. & 4 Companies 7th K.y. Infty, "Monsoon" 6 Companies 7th K.y. Infty, "John H. Dickey" 39th Wis'n. Infty, Meppam Cavalry Horses & rations all the boats have more or less rations on board proceed up White River Ark. at 10. O.C. A.M. have to land near Sunset for the boat to cross a bar it does not get over & we go back on board to stay over night,

22d   move ashore Early & the boat crosses the Bar & proceed up the river after waiting until noon for the remainder of the fleet to cross, anchor & send Piquiets on shore at night ^3 miles below St Charlse Arkansas

23d   Ordered back down stream 20 miles to help the "America" she has broke down. get back to her & find her nearly ready to start & again we proceed up the River meet a fleet of 10. Transports & two Gun Boats & lay over for them to pass arrive St Charles at three Oclock, P.M. & land take position nearly one mile back from the River on the Ridge a very fine camp Earthworks in front of us thrown up by the Rebs I suppose weather fair



July 24th   Pleasant weather a large detachment from the Reg. Commence fortifying our position Marmaduke is reported near with 5.000 men our force is about 2,500 all told but I guess Marmaduke knows us too well to try us again

25th   fine weather work on Fort No 3. St Charlses Ark. Gen. Marmaduke reported forty miles distant with from 8000 to 14000 men marching on this place our forces [illegible] 2.500 men or near that inclusive one six Gun Batery & five Reg'ts of Infty.

26th   weather fair a squad of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry arrive from Duvals Bluff Marmaduke fever cooling a little to-day the Cavalry say there is nothing but a few guerrilla's in the vicinity we are nearly ready for them now if they wish to come as we are getting pretty well fortified, it is quite comfortable here to what it was at Morganza L.A. where one would almost suffocate laying in the Shade here we can do pretty good work Even in the middle of the day it has been a long time since we read any mail & is like to be a long time more, as the guerrillas interrupt navigation on this River almost as they please at present & I guess will for some time to come



July 27th   weather fair still at work on Fort No 3. Marmaduke is played out, Gen. Lee has run that scarecrow as far as he can at present.

28th   Light showers 20 from this Reg. go out foraging mounted on Batery Horses we have a gay time, plenty of green corn, melons, apples, Peaches Eggs butter milk chickens &.c. &.c.

29th   weather fair, this section of the State is very thinly settled & what there is are not very wealthy people, the men are mostly in the Rebel Army & the Ladies are very saucy to us Northern Mudsills, who came here (they say) to rob & burn their Houses & rob them of their rights,

30th   weather fair another Brigade arrives commanded by Gen. Bailey mail comes (7) our Reg. works on the fort to-day, a Reg. at a time & then off four days before we have any more work to do the outside line is new complete & the reserve pretty well along will soon be finished,

31st   beautiful weather, another month has passed into Eternity & the work of putting down this great rebellion is progressing Slowly it is true but the more sure & lasting must be the result no Official news but Atlanta Georga reported as captured by Sherman & his invincible Army of Veteran Volunteers Richmond must fall next



Aug. 1st   Weather fair no news of importance

2d   beautiful day showers occasionally just Enough to purify the air & make it comfortable

3d   weather fair on Camp Fatigue all day nearly have a well shaded Camp, but it is all artificial Shade Geo. H. Hovey very sick

4th   weather fair George H. Hovey died at 8-45 PM

5th   weather fair

6th   mail 8 A.M. (1) move on board the U.S. Transport "Tree Stone" at 9. P.M. see the 95th

7th   start down the River at 8. A.M. stuck on a sand Bar at 12. M.

8th   arrive at the Mouth of White River at 10. O.C.A.M. but our fleet is not all here yet land & wait Embark at night mail (8) at 3. O.C.P.M.

9th   still we are laying here waiting to coal the boats I guess preparatory to our voyage down the Mississippi River weather beautiful 3.P.M. still we are waiting orders or something Else I know not what good news from Sherman at Atlanta & from U. S. Grant at Peter Burg. no telling when we will go or how far we shall go before stopping when we start, start at 4. P.M. down



August 10th   run all night, fleet lashed together in couples make pretty good head way weather fair Expect to reach Vicksburg Miss. at 4. O.C.P.M. lay over 1.Hour & then proceed down the River run all night

11th   pass Natchez at Sunrise, reach Morganza L.A. at 3. P.M. draw rations (3. days) lay over night. rain in the Afternoon, Gard. Tripp comes down to see us in the Evening their Reg. is in camp two miles above at the Fort

12th   Ogden Sands comes down to see us weather fair all ready to start down to Baton Rouge we Expect to go,

13th   still we are waiting Orders from below move on shore at 9. O.C.A.M & go into Camp to await our Orders

14th   pretty warm on guard on board U.S. Transport "Free Stone"

15th   weather fair

16th   move camp weather very fine

17th   very hard showers in the afternoon two mails come (0) in the course of the day

18th   rain in the forenoon mail at noon (1) no news of any importance P.M. Capt. Black arrives from the detachment who are Expected here soon

19th   Cloudy inspection to-day by Col. Black dull times here in Camp nothing to do,



Aug. 20th   very rainy morning but fine afternoon

21st   weather fair Col. Black started for New Orleans yesterday

22nd   weather fair Gen'l Inspection by Capt Huntley A, & I, G, visit the Camp of the 92d U.S. Inf.ty. see Capt, Sands & Lt Tripp have a gay time return at Evening

23d   weather fair

24th   weather Comfortable no news of importance,

25th   weather fair

26th   very warm to-day

27th   weather fair but very warm move Camp one mile up the River & camp outside the Levee, Mail (2)

28th   beautiful day march to Hd quarters 19th A.C. & report to Lt Col. Slocum PM. G.[?] for duty the whole Co. under Capt Kennicott

29th   weather fair on Provo. Guard quite Easy duty

30th   weather fine

31st   Weather cloudy in the morning fair in the afternoon muster by Lieut. Col. Payne for six months pay. another month has gone & still we are gaining slowly I cannot be mustered as a Veteran, therefore must go Home the first of next month but only for a short time when I intend to return to this Regiment to serve another three years unless sooner discharged



Sept. 1st   weather fair on Guard at Corps Headquarters Mail at 3. P.M. (0) several prisoners are brought in,

2d   weather fair Col Black returns from New Orleans

3d   weather fair Col. Black starts for Illinois to get recruits for this Reg. the Reg Embark & proceed up the River part of two Divisions have gone

4th   fine weather no news from the Expedition that that started up River yesterday

5th   weather fair on Provost Guard at Corps Head Quarters

6th   weather fair

7th   very warm but fair

8th   good weather no news of importance from Either way

9th   fair D. H. Jones arrives from New Orleans

10th   Non Vets of the Reg. arrive on board the "Paragon" & proceed up the River go with them, & now for a few days I am to be away from the Reg. as my papers have proved to be of no Account, shall go North & re-enlist for the same Co. as soon as mustered out

11th   pass Natchez weather fair scenery beautiful finish the Muster Out Rolls of the Detachment of Co I 37th Ill Vol. Infty Pass Vicksburg at 4.P.M. Maj Gen Dana Com'd'g

12th   weather fair nothing of importance occurs

13th   Arrive at White River Landing at 9.A.M. lay over an hour & proceed up the River

14th   weather fair still on our way up the River

15th   Arrive at Memphis Tenn. draw Rations & proceed up the River


Sept. 16th/64   pass Columbus Island No. 10. &. 6. weather cooler as we go north

17th   arrive at Cairo Illinois at 5.A.M. cannot proceed to-day nor until tomorrow noon

18th   start at 12.M. for Springfield Ill on the Cars run as far as Centralia

19th   start at 4. A.M. run as far as Decatur & lay over until Six P.M. then proceed to Camp Butler Near Springfield Ill.

20th   very filthy Camp the worst we Ever ocupied for all Camp Butler is a far famed place

21st   Must Rolls to be made out again as the others are the wrong kind

22d   Work (Mort & I) on the Muster Out Rolls very Dusty

23d   rain, finish the M.O.R. go in the Country not very welcome, guess I will let the Cops try the field for a term if they think no more of A Soldier than they seem to here